• The Code of Ethics was developed together with many of our employees and represents the set of guiding values we live by as a family business with a long-term perspective.
  • These values are deeply rooted in our mindset and translate into high standards that shape our daily thoughts and actions.
  • The spectrum of values underlines our holistic understanding of responsibility throughout our entire environment.
  • We are aware of the conflicting priorities between responsibility and profitability and use the Code of Ethics to engage in an ongoing dialog to find the best possible way forward.

We are a family business and act with conviction and integrity in line with the values embraced in our Code of Ethics

Environmental and Climate Protection

We consistently balance the sustainable use of resources and climate-neutral action with economic growth.


We are committed to promoting the physical, mental and social health of the people within our sphere of influence.


We are considered, respectful and reliable in our interactions with each other as well as with our partners and customers.


We take a stance and are proudly committed to diversity in all its dimensions, drawing innovative strength from it.


We rely on team spirit and constructive collaboration to facilitate better decision-making in line with our corporate goals.

Data Responsibility

We handle the data entrusted to us with responsibility and care.

Intergenerational Responsibility

We are passionate about seizing opportunities for the long-term success of our family business.

Social Responsibility

We foster a value-oriented conversation and have a positive impact on the future of our society.

  • The pursuit of operational excellence shapes our actions – feedback from both end consumers and business customers alike is vital.
  • We are committed to collaboration, to aligned efforts within our companies and beyond. We leverage our size and diversity and welcome external partnerships.
  • We continuously improve our products and services to set standards in a dynamic market environment driven by ever-increasing customer demands.
  • Therefore, we identify opportunities along our entire value chain and pursue them through innovative and creative solutions.
  • In the face of rapid developments in both society at large and business, we are passionately pressing ahead with the ongoing process of our Kulturwandel.
  • With our Kulturwandel, we are facilitating transformation and change across all units and business models in the Otto Group, thereby increasing the organization's performance.
  • The Kulturwandel encompasses courage to initiate change, greater agility, speed and flexibility as well as trusting collaboration across all levels.
  • We are constantly breaking out of our comfort zone and extending our boundaries.
  • In our daily work, we adopt new perspectives and create space to question existing patterns of thinking and behaviour, and to encourage change when needed.