Head of Corporate Compliance at EOS Holding

Take action! You can’t expect a new opportunity to simply land in your lap. Make yourself, your interests and your skills visible.

Sibylle, Head of Corporate Compliance

Move from Otto Group Holding to EOS Holding. 

What made you decide to move between Group companies?

There were no more promotion opportunities for me within Group Audit at Otto Group Holding. I wanted more, and to somehow move back to Compliance Management. I was invited to join the Boost Your Career program and during this I began to increasingly think about where I wanted to go. As a result, I deliberately sought out a mentor, of whom I was convinced that she was best-placed to help me take the next step in my career.

Why was moving to another Otto Group company the right choice for you?

In fact, the Otto Group has succeeded in making me identify very strongly with the overall Group. During my time at Otto Group Holding alone, I was able to get to know so many wonderful and outstanding peers as well as managers who were excellent role-models for appreciative interaction with colleagues. At the same time, it became clear to me that it would be difficult to find the same thing anywhere else. Kulturwandel (cultural transformation) was launched during this period and OTTO clarified the Core Values and principles of our collaboration – I didn't want to give that up! I already had two previous employers, and because of that I knew that what I had at the Otto Group was good... also in terms of work-life balance and creative freedom.

How do you feel about having taken this step?

I'm still very happy about it! A friend recently told me I always use "we" when I talk about the Otto Group or EOS Holding. He also mentioned the fact that I consider my work to be a privilege. Prior to that, it wasn't so clear to me that I genuinely identify so strongly with the Group.

How would you describe your Group-internal move in a nutshell?

Freedom to create and change.

What did you learn from this move?

The Group's perspectives and those of the subgroup or Group company on similar topics are often very different. To create awareness for this and increase understanding on both sides is something I would like to help achieve.

What surprised you about your new Group company?

It wasn't really a surprise, but it became clear to me once again how thoroughly diverse the Otto Group is in terms of its business models.

What advice would you give colleagues who are also considering a Group-internal career move?

Take action! You can’t expect a new opportunity to simply land in your lap. Make yourself, your interests and your skills visible. Take advantage of the Otto Group's networking opportunities and its varied development programs. But also stay receptive to feedback and practice self-reflection: What are my strengths and weaknesses? Where and how could I best apply my strengths – and work most effectively on my weaknesses?

*Note: The programme Boost Your Career was replaced by the programmes Make a Plan (MAP) & Navigator.

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