“Responsible commerce that inspires” — that is our shareholder vision. The Otto Group has always been committed to assuming responsibility — whether ecological, social, or digital. Sustainability guides our daily actions.

We are convinced that a comprehensive understanding of responsibility does not contradict successful business operations. On the contrary, it secures them over the long run. Therefore, sustainable business management is also anchored strategically on all levels of the Otto Group.

Our CR strategy

CR strategy

The Otto Group assumes responsibility for each part of its value chain — from procuring resources and processing the products to their delivery and ultimately the use of the product by consumers. Our goal is to design the manufacturing of our products in an ecological and socially constructive manner. We use the impACT management process to determine the impact of our actions on the environment and society, deriving operational measures and strategic goals from it. Our CR strategy embeds sustainability even more strongly in our business processes. It consists of seven topic areas and visionary long-term goals — the “Transformational goals.”

We achieve climate neutrality in our whole value chain.

Sustainable materials
We apply sustainable raw materials in all our products.

Supply chain
We continuously improve the social and ecological performance together with our suppliers along our whole supply chain.

We incorporate circular principles and ensure circular solutions.

Empowered employees
We empower our employees to experience and actively shape sustainability.

Conscious customers
We enable and inspire our customers to make conscious and sustainable decisions.

Digital responsibility
We shape a value-oriented digitalization for people and society.