Corporate digital responsibility

Corporate digital responsibility

Digitization is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is changing our daily life and work routines. It is up to all of us to determine how this permanent transformation will unfold. That is why the Otto Group is developing solutions for value-oriented digitization. And why we promote discourse throughout society by supporting initiatives and projects to jointly create a responsible framework with other companies, politicians, and civil society — for digitization designed for people.

Corporate Digital Responsibility in detail

Data protection

Data protection as laid out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is much more than just a legal requirement for the Otto Group. Naturally, we comply with these regulations, which are the minimum standards for us. But in some respects we also go beyond them - which is bindingly formulated in a number of guidelines. We view data protection as an ethical obligation. The secure and trust-based handling of our customers’ data is part of what we view as our digital responsibility. The confidence of our customers is the basis for our growth.

Digital education and participation

Digitization requires flexibility. Knowledge and skills often require quick updates so you do not get completely lost in the speed of digital change. Our employees therefore need tools that help them to further their education. It is our responsibility to provide these tools. We are addressing this need with the learning initiative TechUcation. At the same time, it is important in terms of digital participation that our offerings, for example in online commerce to be barrier-free. They must be intuitively applicable. So that people without special expertise can also make use of them. We work on this every day.

Value-based digital economy

We are committed to an independent, competitive and value-based digital economy in Europe.  We are committed to a model that sets itself apart from the U.S. and Chinese path by following the rules of the social market economy and being defined by respect for society and a sustainable economy, and which places people at the center of the digital transformation. This model is based on the responsible handling of resources without losing sight of entrepreneurial success. Together with politics, science and business, we want to secure the future viability of Germany and Europe as a business location. For healthy growth that does not come at the expense of people, social peace and the environment.