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We need people who think strategically and make decisions, who identify with our values, apply a bold approach to shaping transformation, and remain committed to our goals.


Otto Group? OTTO? Otto Group Holding? However complicated it may sound—it’s actually simple! The Otto Group is a retail and services group comprising over 30 subgroups that primarily operate in the three economic areas of Germany, the rest of Europe, and the USA. One of the Group companies is OTTO. Previously a mail-order company, it has since become a successful e-commerce platform. The companies within the Otto Group are controlled by the Otto Group Holding, so the corporate headquarters in Hamburg. OTTO and the Otto Group Holding have their joint home on the Otto Campus in Hamburg-Bramfeld.

We share plenty of other similarities as well—our values, culture, and not least the numerous job benefits. That’s why we are in charge of recruitment for the Otto Group Holding and OTTO at our central location here in Hamburg. Together we push the limits and create great things—let’s get started.


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Working at the Otto Group in detail

Working for the Otto Group Holding

We offer many opportunities to advance your career. You can either start at corporate headquarters, so the Otto Group Holding which develops overarching strategies for all Group companies—and where we place a clear focus on topics such as digital transformation, values, and innovation.

Working at Otto Group Holding

Working for OTTO

Or you can embark on a career with the OTTO team and work directly for one of Europe’s largest e-commerce companies:


Working for companies within the Otto Group

Besides these options, there are many other job opportunities working for companies within the Otto Group, whether in software engineering, project management, accounting or even in e-commerce, logistics or for a tech start-up.

Career and opportunities

Talent is there to be nurtured. Not only is this our aspiration—it’s our passion as well. Identifying potential while still preserving what makes us truly individual. Because we need people with all of their skills and passions, not cogs in a wheel. It is our firm belief that personal and professional development are two sides of the same coin. We have initiated a wide range of career development programs to ensure that the Otto Group offers the best opportunities—besides employing the brightest minds.

Careers at Otto Group

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