Success can only be sustainable if everyone involved sticks to clear rules. The Otto Group brings fair play to life, instead of paying lip service to the notion. Whether in everyday competition, in dealings with customers, or in our work routines: the Otto Group upholds the highest standards of honesty and respect. We have installed a highly effective Compliance Management System that continuously monitors and controls our processes and in doing so copes with the manifold challenges associated with compliance and the integration of new risks.

Compliance in detail


As a family business, the Otto Group attaches the utmost importance to honesty. So, it goes without saying that we strictly maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of corruption—at all levels of the Group. Our rigorous anti-corruption commitments are consistent with the Code of Conduct released by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Antitrust law

The virtues upheld by traditional Hanseatic merchants have always been of vital importance to the Otto Group. So, it is hardly surprising that we are strict proponents of open and honest competition. In other words: We want nothing to do with restrictive arrangements. We trust that performance, quality, and innovation will prevail—and the market confirms our convictions.

Corporate responsibility

The Otto Group is synonymous with value-driven business: For us, ethical actions and a through perception of sustainability do not contradict our growth strategy, but rather are necessary foundations. This sense of responsibility is reflected in everything we do: From the requirements we place in the supply chain and our strict commitment to business practices that adhere to the principles of universal human rights throughout the world, to the efforts we make to protect our environment and climate. Numerous commitments and alliance memberships demonstrate how specific and resilient this self-perception actually is.

Data privacy

At the Otto Group, data privacy is far more than a legal obligation as set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We perceive the legal requirements as minimum standards that we adhere to as a matter of course and exceed voluntarily in many areas—as described in our many compulsory guidelines. Data privacy is an ethical obligation for us. Secure and conscientious data management is an element of what we define as digital responsibility. Our growth is built on trust.

Information security

The security of IT systems is of unprecedented importance in an age of rising cybercrime. Trust and commercial success depend on the security of digital data and on assurances that they will not fall into the wrong hands. This is why the Otto Group has installed an end-to-end security infrastructure for all employees and external partners. The system is upgraded continuously to accommodate fresh challenges—there is no place for compromise in matters of security.