Certified Timber

Sustainable forestry is the foundation of climate protection. The preservation of our forests is therefore a major concern for the Otto Group.

We use timber as a raw material primarily for wooden furniture, but also for catalogue paper. Although e-commerce is now the main source of retail revenue, many customers still use the catalogues as a source of inspiration.

It is important to us that the Otto Group only permits the use of tropical timber if it is FSC®-certified and a valid FSC® certificate can be presented.


With its Furniture Strategy the Otto Group aims to completely switch its range of wooden furniture to FSC®-certified articles by 2020. With around 26,000 articles in 2016, the share of furniture made from FSC-certified wood has risen to 46% at the Otto Group – an increase by three percentage points compared to the previous year. This means that over a four-year period, the share of sustainable furniture in the Group’s overall assortment has almost doubled.



The responsible handling of timber for manufacturing print materials or cardboard packaging is an important lever in environmental protection, too. For this reason, under its Paper Strategy, the Otto Group intends to increase the share of FSC®-certified gravure printing paper to at least 50% for catalogues and advertising materials by 2018.

In 2016, the Otto Group successfully increased the share of FSC-certified paper from 28% to 34%, which is equivalent to a total volume of more than 75,000 tonnes of sustainable paper in 2016. This correlates to a responsibly managed forest area of more than 59km2 if only as much timber is taken from the forest as naturally grows back. The area is equivalent to the size of Lake Starnberg in Bavaria or the largest connected forest area in Schleswig-Holstein, the Sachsenwald.

The Otto Group has actively supported the FSC since the end of the 1990s, and has been an official member of the Forest Stewardship Council Germany since 2006. This year the Group celebrates the 10th anniversary of its membership. 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit, independent organisation that actively promotes responsible forestry and the conservation of biodiversity.



Sustainability Reports, Studies and Code of Conduct

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