Animal Welfare
and Wildlife Conservation

Real fur has no place in our products! And to protect animals, leather, hides, down and feathers are only used under strict guidelines.


Protecting animals and biodiversity has been a core concern of ours for many years. 

As early as 1988, in cooperation with the environmental foundation WWF, we started to remove furs from endangered or inappropriately reared animals (such as mink, martens and sables) from our product range. 

Since 1991, real fur has been banned from our products as a general principle. Today, the Otto Group only sells leather and fur products from cattle, pigs, goats and sheep, which are by-products of the food industry.

In addition to the long-term exclusion of fur from the product range, the Otto Group has been a member of the international “Fur Free Retailer” programme since 2014, whose signatories assure not to use any real fur. In this way, a clear public sign of animal protection is set beyond the previous self-commitment to the protection of animals.

Our responsibility does not stop with feathers, down and certain types of wool. We categorically reject products made from live plucking, just like the use of angora. The sale of products containing mohair is prohibited since 2020. Furthermore, the use of mulesing practices on sheep is also rejected. Our policy on the use of virgin wool can be downloaded here >>

The use of materials of animal origin is regulated in our Otto Group Guidelines “Sustainability in Procurement”.



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