Sustainable Cotton

Fibres with a feel-good factor – with sustainably cultivated cotton we assume our social and environmental responsibility in the production process.


In the Otto Group’s textile range, cotton is clearly the dominant fibre compared to polyester, viscose and wool. As part of its Textile Strategy, the Otto Group is pursuing the goal of using 100% cotton from sustainable cultivation for its own and licensed brands. In terms of sustainably grown cotton, focus will be placed on the use of organic cotton and recycled cotton, an in particular, cotton from the "Cotton made in Africa" initiative.

The share of sustainable cotton increased to 98 percent in 2020 (2019: 96 percent), which indicates the Otto Group's success in consistently moving closer to its overall target of 100 percent. This is largely attributable to the Group*s continually increasing use of cotton from the CmiA initiative, as well as its use of organic and recycled cotton. 

In 2020, we have been able to reduce our environmental and social impact through the intensive use of CmiA cotton. 

  • Around 58,000 small farmers benefited from the Otto Group's CmiA demand (measured by the share of the accepted quantity in the total CmiA production volume).
  • Through the use of CmiA 6,800 tons of CO2 could be avoided.
  • By exclusively irrigating with rainwater at CmiA, the use of over 56 billion liters of fresh water could be avoided.


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Only through education can people lead a self-determined life and improve their living conditions by their own efforts. This is why the Cotton made in Africa initiative has for a long time not only worked to train smallholder cotton farmers in sustainable cultivation: we are also committed to creating educational opportunities for the farmers, their wives and their children.
– Tina Stridde, Managing Director of the Aid by Trade Foundation.



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Sustainable cotton from Africa

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