A true pioneer and role-model: in the 1980s, Prof Dr Michael Otto laid the foundation for sustainable management in the Otto Group. This kicked-off a unique development that continues to the present day.


Sustainable business has been a fundamental principle of the Otto Group for almost 30 years, and is strategically anchored in its corporate governance. “Every one of us can do our bit to make sure that things in our society improve” – this is Prof Dr Michael Otto’s personal credo. Taking responsibility and making a personal commitment within the scope of each person’s possibilities are the fundamental pillars of social co-existence, in the entrepreneurial view of Dr Otto. Justice, equal opportunities and fair play also characterise our Group’s corporate culture and how we interact with our own employees.

Every one of us can do our bit to make sure that things in our society improve
– Prof Dr Michael Otto, Chairman of the Otto Group Supervisory Board Hamburg

As early as the 1980s, Prof Dr Michael Otto made protecting the environment a corporate goal. And in the 1990s, the Group laid the basis for implementing global guidelines on socially acceptable conditions for employees at production sites. With our Sustainability Strategy 2020 we have anchored the principles of sustainable business even deeper within our Group’s organisation and its business processes.

Milestones from the last three decades:




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