Customer centricity

Customer centricity
Customer centricity
Never before have customers had such a broad range of products and services to choose from. It now takes just a few clicks for them to order precisely what they happen to want at that moment. What does this mean for companies within the Otto Group? They can no longer rely on their good reputation and time-proven concepts alone. Instead they must set themselves apart from the competition—with even more personalized offers, fresher ideas, inspiration, and even smarter shopping tools. In dealings with our customers, our ambition remains to exceed expectations wherever we can.

Customer Centricity in detail

Customer experiences

It takes more than just strong offers to convince today’s customers—they only notice what we do if it is wrapped up in a coherent overall concept. Inspiration is a vital element: Today we sell more than just products: We offer lifestyles that are showcased on a variety channels, whether in magazines, on our websites, in our apps, and on social media. Other customer segments are more attracted to dedicated stores or by special sales promotions. But the same adage applies: Modern shopping is far more than just satisfying needs and must become a memorable experience.

Operational excellence

Building a persuasive portfolio—products that customers notice and find so appealing that they actually complete the purchase instead of just browsing—is one side of the equation. But it is just as important to make sure that this payment process is as smooth and effortless as possible—while adhering to security standards and our voluntary commitments to data privacy. This complex task is just one of the elements in our perception of operational excellence. Obviously, this is not a finishing line we cross only once. Operational excellence is instead a continual process. Aside from the streamlined User Journey, operational excellence also includes the never-ending optimization of our tools and software as well as the adaptation of workflows—in other words, all processes that are necessary to keep the business running.

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