New Corporate Design for the Otto Group: Optimistic into the Future

Website, typeface, logo: The Otto Group has refreshed its look. The new corporate design reflects the values of the Otto Group. Stories are told through the new website to show how these values are lived. Both will accompany the Otto Group on its path through the digital transformation and into the future.

The Otto Group, an e-commerce and service group, has refreshed its image with a new corporate design (CD) and a new look. The entire CD was overhauled from the ground up and adapted to the new, digital consumer habits. All this is a clear commitment to the digital transformation that has enabled the Otto Group to communicate the core of its brand – the vision of “responsible commerce that inspires” – even more clearly. And perfect for this occasion, the corporate website ottogroup.com was also modernized with a new structure and design. All of the Otto Group’s important contents are shared informatively and entertainingly via a story hub.

Everything under one umbrella: the new super symbol
The task the Otto Group set itself was complex. The new corporate design should reflect the Group’s mindset: human and vibrant, but also clear and progressive. It should be consistent with the contemporary media environment: easy and quick to understand, optimized for all devices – but not devolving into digital gimmicks that quickly become outdated. Above all, however, it should convey the values of the Otto Group: diversity, responsibility, innovation, performance. And last but not least, simple rules should ensure maximum flexibility and a high degree of recognizability. CEO Alexander Birken describes the task like this: “As a family business, values such as sustainability and humanity are critical for us and what sets ourselves apart from competitors. We want to communicate that even more clearly in the future. At the same time, we are a completely digital Group that stands for transformation energy and agility – both seen in our new design.”

The refreshed corporate design for the Otto Group is seen most clearly in the new logo, which is concentrated on the so-called super symbol. The two letters of the Otto Group, “O” and “G,” were merged for a new catchy icon. The new super symbol is simple, clear and appealing. And the most important thing: It’s absolutely memorable. If you have seen it once, you will immediately recognize it again.

A process with many steps
The redesign process began with careful studies. The Brand Consultants from Esch analyzed the brand’s look and the perception of the Otto Group. There were intensive workshops with internal and external stakeholders, including Alexander Birken, CEO of the Otto Group, Prof. Dr. Michael Otto, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Otto Group, and Benjamin Otto, Managing Partner, who made major contributions to the process. Finally, the design agency Strichpunkt, with which the Otto Group has worked for years, was commissioned to develop the various design routes and their implementation.

The consensus on the team was: A clear commitment to the digital world is now primarily conveyed by having digital touchpoints, especially the website, that are taken for granted and clearly structured. Vice President Corporate Communications Thomas Voigt and his team are responsible for the corporate design of the Otto Group, with the director formulating the objective like this: “You do not have to look digital today, but you must feel digital.” Vorschlag: "Nowadays it is not about looking digitally, it is about feeling digitally."

Vibrant, clear, progressive
In a nutshell: The new corporate website for the Otto Group – ottogroup.com – that was launched in May 30 along with the Annual Report, is very cleanly structured. Lots of white space, clear lines, an easy and intuitive page architecture. To match this, the Otto Group’s content was standardized and reduced to the essentials. The main element on the new website consists of the stories where the Otto Group’s activities – in the areas of sustainability, strategy or career, for example – are told entertainingly and with a multimedia approach.

The clear, almost minimalist design is balanced by the visual elements. The photos are intentionally lively – people in natural situations and easy, humorous illustrations. The new typeface of the Otto Group was adapted specially for the Otto Group. It is light, dynamic, variable and very easy to read on all devices and in all media. Optimist, the name given to the new typeface, was created by the Swiss type foundry Newglyph. The company spends a tenth of its profits on charitable causes – a clear commitment to value-guided actions that the Otto Group also lives by.

In the relaunch, the slogan “Member of the Otto Group” was also visually enhanced for the Group companies. The affiliation with the Otto Group and all its Group companies is thus visible at first glance. This makes it clear: We will head into the future together.

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