ABOUT YOU x CyberKongz: The fashion online shop and one of the largest NFT projects launch first physical collection together

ABOUT YOU launches its first physical collection with CyberKongz, further tapping into the NFT space. With this collaboration, both companies pioneer the industry and introduce NFT artto the real market for the very first time. The collection of NFT CyberKongz in 2D and 3D will be expanded together with ABOUT YOU to include a collection of high-quality hoodies and t-shirts. All pieces ofthe collection are available exclusively on aboutyou.com from 14 October 2022.

ABOUT YOU is moving further into the NFT cosmos with a partnerthat shares the same pioneering spirit, the CyberKongz. CyberKongz is considered a forerunner in the NFT market and globally is one of the best-known names in the scene. Created in March 2021 as one of the first NFT projects, CyberKongz has been inspiring NFT enthusiasts with their cool and crazy looks. It is impossible to imagine the Web3 space without them. The valuable gamified collectibles differfrom other NFT projects because of their strong and dynamic community. 

"Web3 and thus NFTs will have a strong impact on e-commerce. We are well-aware of this change and seek to actively shape it. The CyberKongz project has always been our preferred cooperation partner as they have an extremely strong, tech-driven, fashion community. We are very excited to be able to design the first fashion collection to one of the OG (original) NFT Collections of ourtime," explains Julian Jansen, Director Content at ABOUT YOU. 

CyberKongz is excited to be a part of this launch as it follows its community-based approach, and the great demand for CyberKongz apparel. The result is a high-quality collection of oversized hoodies and t-shirts. Featured are the well-known Kongz 'Myoo', 'Owl', and 'Coco_Bear'. These three are part of the release of the limited and unique 2D Genesis CyberKongz and the 'Council of Kongz'. The colors and elaborate details of the pieces are based on the looks of the selected Kongz. Besides backprints with text stitching, detailed elements are added to the sleeve or on the front of the hoodies, such as the banana and CyberKongz logo. 

“We are incredibly excited to bring the iconic IP of CyberKongz to mainstream streetwear with this About You collaboration. When it comes to being thought leaders of their space and pushing boundaries, the alliance between About You, and CyberKongz, was an organic fit for this next generation Web3 partnership.”, says Myoo at CyberKongz. 

The campaign shoot further refers to the unique look of the Kongz and their surroundings. By using blue screens in the Highnoon Studio in Hamburg, fiction and reality are combined and the individual looks are staged in a futuristic way. 

The 20-piece unisex collection is available from 14 October 2022 in sizes XS-XXL in all 26 ABOUT YOU online shops across Europe with worldwide shipping availabe. The styles are priced between 39.90 € and 99.90 €.

High-resolution images of the campaign can be downloaded here.

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CyberKongz started as a collection of 1000 unique and randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created in early March 2021, priced mostly at .01 by the artist myoo. Although there was no pre-release or advertising campaign, a lot of attention was quickly brought to it by NFT enthusiasts who discovered the minting process on Opensea.io and shared their interest on social media. Over time, the shared idea of furthering the development of CyberKongz as a community-based project emerged. The CyberKongz community hosts some of the finest developers and experts in the NFT and De-Fi space who offered their skills and time to develop the community’s ideas. Since that day, CyberKongz have been continuously evolving and thus forming a strong core community. With $BANANA as their backbone utility token forthe ecosystem there are still plenty of treasures in the jungle to uncover with the CyberKongz brand.

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