New Work:
Greater freedom – better results

Success is made by people. They are the heart and the driving force behind the company. That's why we have created a working world in harmony with people and the times.


Job vacancies in the Otto Group


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For us, what is being discussed under keywords "New Work" or "The Future of Work" is already a large part of our present. We can react faster with fewer rigid hierarchies and with greater responsibility accorded to the individual. We aim to promote a mindset of openness, a desire for new things and mutual inspiration. Because, we are convinced that people need support and the freedom to recognise innovations, weigh up opportunities and risks, make good decisions and achieve better results.



What our colleagues say

Gabi Westerteiger, Senior Corporate Communications Consultant Culture & Change, Otto Group Holding

Gabi Westerteiger, Senior Corporate Communications Consultant Culture & Change, Otto Group Holding

“Agile organisations are replacing rigid structures – that is the near future. Today, the biggest challenge is to sort, share and use the knowledge available. The best way to do that is with diversely structured teams.”

Susanne Kertelge, Corporate Responsibility Lead, Otto Group Holding

Susanne Kertelge, Corporate Responsibility Lead, Otto Group Holding

“For me, leadership means consciously opening up creative scope for my team and always standing behind them when they reach a hurdle. I am firmly convinced that this self-reliant design can lead to a better result - which may even surprise me and my colleagues in a positive sense.”


How we work

Wie wir arbeiten


People need space – whether to bring up children, care for relatives or to just to ease the pressure on themselves. With flexitime and flexible part-time work models, our employees are empowered to arrange their working hours individually. Whether with or without management responsibility, we have the right model for all our staff.


Our employees are working on the move, i.e. in the office, at home, on the road and, by arrangement, even in the most remote places in the world. Because, our experience shows that the more flexible we are in our choice of where we work, the more committed our collaboration is.


We work along agile methods and in mixed teams. Experts in the fields of IT, business intelligence and e-commerce, but also in strategy, HR and communication work together in various constellations on a project. In barcamps, at design thinking workshops and innovation contests, colleagues exchange ideas and experience in order to continuously develop solutions.


There are countless examples of networked working opportunities in the Otto Group: such as barcamps, for example, where we promote the groupwide exchange of knowledge, or our interdisciplinary Kulturwandel teams in the Group companies. Our office areas are designed to promote communication and networking across team and departmental boundaries and to facilitate more space for creative and concentrated work.


We place great store on culture of experimentation. For within this, networked, self-organised collaboration can lead to true innovation. We want our employees to be courageous. But this also means that we have a lively and open culture of making mistakes and giving feedback.


The digital transformation will only succeed if we open ourselves up beyond company and hierarchy boundaries, have a desire for something new and work out solutions together. This not only applies to each one of us, but also crucial to us as a Group of companies. Part of our growth strategy is therefore to consciously open the ecosystem of the Otto Group for strategic partners.

Job Sharing

Two or more colleagues sharing one job – this is also possible with us. Job sharing is a particularly flexible working time model. If there is a sharing partner, if the position can be divided in a way that makes organisational sense and the processes fit, then why not?


Sometimes you just have to press the pause button – to get ahead with a personal project, to take a journey or to rethink life further down the road. A sabbatical can create the space people need for this. We make it possible to take a longer break from the job.

Lifelong learning

Work needs development, because the future needs discoverers. And especially when it comes to digitisation, rethinking and thinking ahead are crucial. For the Otto Group, lifelong learning in continuing education and coaching is a matter of course. Through our development programmes, we encourage the growth of talent – from new recruits through to senior managers.

wie wir arbeiten

Where we work– the Campus of the Otto Group Holding & OTTO in Hamburg