Annual Press Conference 2022/23
Annual Press Conference 2022/23

Despite significant macroeconomic challenges, the Otto Group was able to maintain the high revenue level of the very successful previous 2021/22 year in the 2022/23 financial year (28 February 2023). Despite very adverse circumstances, the Otto Group is demonstrating its stability and will continue to invest a triple-digit million amount in projects of high strategic relevance in the current 2023/24 financial year.

Key Figures

Total revenue
€16.2 billion

The reported revenue of the Hamburg-based retail and services Group for the past financial year amounted to EUR 16.2 billion.

E-commerce revenue
€12.0 billion

Global e-commerce revenues were EUR 12.0 billion, almost at the previous year’s level.

Number of employees

employees are part of the Otto Group.

Stories: What matters to us now.

Three stories that show what is important to us: always doing the best for our customers, our values and our commitment to economic and sustainable action.

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