Creditor Relations

The Otto Group is a family company and is not listed on any stock exchange. Since 2009 we are active as an issuer in the bond market.

The Otto Group pursues a conservative, long-term oriented financing strategy. We have long-standing and trustful relationships with a diversified group of German and international banks. Since 2009, we have been using the capital market as a further source of funding and have issued bonds with a total amount exceeding 2 billion euros since then. 

The Otto Group has established a Debt Issuance Programme and a Commercial Paper Programme. These instruments provide us with the flexibility to seize opportunities in the capital markets when they arise.

Overview of the Bonds

Announcement of results on the buyback offer of selected euro notes of Otto (GmbH & Co KG). 

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Information on the current buyback offer of Swiss notes of Otto (GmbH & Co KG).

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Current bonds issued by Otto (GmbH & Co KG):

Public Bonds

ISINCurrencyAmountCouponMaturity date


CH0511961390CHF77.26 mln*1.500%9 Dec 2024

XS1979274708EUR254.4 mln*2.625%10 April 2026

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XS1853998182EUR300 mln4.000%Undated**

PDF  -  KID***

XS1660709616EUR50 mlnVariable24 Aug 2026

PDF  -  KID***

XS1625975153EUR259.3 mln*1.875%12 Jun 2024

PDF  -  KID***

XS1567447609EUR35.6 mln*1.500%08 Mar 2022


* Nominal amount reduced from original issuance amount following buyback offer

** First Call Date: 17 Jul 2025

*** Key Information Document pursuant to EU Regulation 1286/2014 (in German language)

Private Placements

ISINCurrencyAmountCouponMaturity date
XS2063541358EUR15 mln3.180%10 Oct 2034
XS2111951690EUR40 mln3.000%30 Jan 2032
XS2028841489EUR30 mln3.400%17 Jul 2031

Commercial Paper

As of 28 February 2021 the total nominal amount of outstanding commercial paper of Otto (GmbH & Co KG) is 0 million euros.


Sustainable Finance


Capital Market Documentation

Debt Issuance Programme


Commercial Paper Programme



Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some common questions regarding the Otto Group as a bond issuer.

How is the Otto Group’s financial year defined?

The Otto Group’s financial year starts on 1st March of each year and ends on the last day of February of the following year.

Does the Otto Group have a credit rating?

No, the Otto Group does not have a public rating from a credit rating agency and does not envisage obtaining such a rating in the foreseeable future.

Which dates are relevant to capital markets investors?

May 2022 (exp.): Financial Press Conference & Release of the Otto Group’s Annual Report for financial year 2021/22



Annual Reports

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Key Figures

Key figures of the Otto Group



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