CR Organisation

A team that sets the course, develops targets and implements measures is essential for the long-term success of any company. In the Otto Group, sustainability is a top-management resonsibility.


Corporate Responsibility (CR) has a high priority for the Otto Group and was therefore declared a top-management task. Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Executive Board, a special committee – the CR Board – forms the most important decision-making body. 

The CR Board determines the Otto Group’s strategic CR direction, harmonises it with the business strategy and ensures that the defined targets are implemented quickly and effectively in the individual corporate areas.

The Executive Directors of individual Group companies, such as OTTO, Hermes, Bonprix or Sportscheck, are responsible for implementing the sustainability targets and activities in their respective companies. They are supported by CR Coordinators who harmonise all activities in their company, gather the relevant key figures and are in constant contact with the Group’s Corporate Responsibility Division

This Division reports directly to the Chairman of the Executive Board and carries out a central function for the whole Otto Group: here, all Group-wide activities and processes come together. The Division provides measurement tools for planning and management, drafts recommendations for the CR Board and advises individual Group companies on implementing the Sustainability Strategy.



Sustainability Reports, Studies and Code of Conduct