CR Organisation

A team that sets the course, develops targets and implements measures is essential for the long-term success of any company. At the Otto Group, sustainability is a top-management resonsibility.


At the Otto Group, individuals from various functions and Group companies are involved in order to manage sustainability holistically. The Chief Executive Officer of the Otto Group, Alexander Birken, is responsible not only as Chairman of the CR Board, but also as the Executive Board member accountable for the department of Corporate Responsibility, for ensuring that sustainability is firmly anchored in the Group. Corporate responsibility is therefore a top-management task in the truest sense of the word. 

The CR Board determines the Otto Group’s strategic CR direction, harmonises it with the business strategy and ensures that the defined targets are implemented quickly and effectively in the individual corporate areas.

The department of Corporate Responsibility manages the Group-wide sustainability activities of the Otto Group and advises the individual Group companies. Due to the decentralised organisation of the Group, the Managing Directors of the Group companies are responsible for the implementation of the strategy in their respective organisation. They are supported by Sustainability Officers who are in constant contact with the department of Corporate Responsibility.



Sustainability Reports, Studies and Code of Conduct