Bianca Lammers to become Head of Otto Group Kulturwandel 4.0 Team

22.09.2021 | Hamburg

With effect from October 01, 2021, Bianca Lammers is to take over at the lead of the Otto Group Kulturwandel 4.0 team. She succeeds Tobias Krüger, who leaves the Group to take up a new career challenge

Over the past five years Tobias Krüger has made a major contribution to the success of the Kulturwandel 4.0 cultural transformation throughout the Otto Group. Since October 01, 2016, he has driven the cultural change process across the entire Group as Division Manager, heading the Group's interdisciplinary Kulturwandel 4.0 team since January 01, 2017. In this role he has decisively shaped, further developed and established Kulturwandel 4.0. Through setting up the “Kulturwandel Kollektiv” and the annual CDX barcamp he has also successfully made his mark beyond the Otto Group. In addition, he accompanied the transformation at Otto Group Japan as an Advisory Board Member and most recently also at Eddie Bauer Japan in the same role. From January 01, 2010, the 40-year-old Business Economist and strategist built a successful career as a consultant in the Otto Group Strategy Department and contributed to driving the Group's successful digital transformation forward with projects such as Collins (ABOUT YOU).

Tobias leaves the Otto Group at his own request to take up a fresh career challenge outside the Group.

Bianca Lammers is to succeed him at the lead of the Otto Group Kulturwandel 4.0 team. Together with the seven-member team within Otto Group Holding as well as other Holding divisions and Group companies, her objective is to take the cultural transformation process to the next level. The 35-year-old Master of Business Administration and trained Systemic Organizational consultant brings with her the full required skill set and new ideas to achieve this.

Bianca has helped shape the Otto Group's business since October 01, 2013, as a consultant in the Otto Group Strategy Department. She later became Customer Centricity Project Manager for former Otto Group Executive Board Member Neela Montgomery. In addition, as a Kulturwandel 4.0 Project Manager since May 01, 2018, she has already had an impact on many aspects of the strategic further development of the Group-wide change process.

In her new role she will report directly to Otto Group CEO Alexander Birken: "I am very pleased that Bianca Lammers and her colleagues on the Kulturwandel 4.0 team have accepted the challenge of taking the critically important process of cultural transformation to the next level. This transformation is vital to the future viability of the Otto Group and thus an essential component of our sustained economic success. I thank Tobias Krüger for his outstanding work over recent years and wish him all the very best, both personally and professionally."

Bianca Lammers
Bianca Lammers
Head of Otto Group Kulturwandel 4.0 Team from october 1st
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Tobias Krüger
Tobias Krüger
Head of Otto Group Kulturwandel 4.0 Team
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