OTTO Payments GmbH
OTTO Payments GmbH

Location: Hamburg
Number of employees: Around 230 employees (as at September 5, 2023)
Company language: German
Company in one word: Dynamic
Career website:
Career mailbox: 
Recruitment contact: Swantje Toaspern-Viehl 

We introduce ourselves:

Who benefits from the services / products of our company?
At OTTO Payments GmbH we are developing one of the most important areas in e-commerce – the future of payment management! As an independent company within the Otto Group, we bundle and manage all payment-related activities for the OTTO marketplace. This way, we provide a future-oriented, flexible and customer-centered payment process.

What distinguishes our company?
The combination of e-commerce and payment management entails challenges characterized by the fascinating interaction between customers, retailers and regulatory frameworks.
We offer a unique mix of a start-up atmosphere within the Group's established corporate environment.

Three things we are proud of:

We're rapid, passionate about what we do – and extremely goal-focused.

Good to know:

In which areas are we particularly looking for new colleagues?
Product, IT

What should colleagues consider when applying for a job with us:
Since as a company we are still fairly new on the block and continue to develop and expand, we are still in the process of optimizing our processes further. We are looking for people with the desire and drive to help shape our future. The right cultural fit is also very important to us.

What is particularly important to us for new colleagues?
The will to help shape our processes, roll up your sleeves and get involved, goal-focused pragmatism, great teamwork skills and communication style, the right cultural fit.


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