Locations: Locations in Upper Franconia, Germany – e.g. Burgkunstadt, Weismain, Bamberg
Number of employees: Around 2,350
Company language: German
Company in one word: weCommerce. Since 1925
Career website:
Career mailbox:
Recruitment contact: Patrick Meling /

We introduce ourselves:

Who benefits from the services / products of our company?
The core company in the Group is BAUR, with its online shop Alongside this, our Austrian subsidiary UNITO is responsible for brands such as Universal, Otto Austria, Quelle in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as Ackermann. Our Services business segment comprises BFS Baur Fulfillment Solutions, the e-commerce service provider empiriecom, and BAUR Studios.

What distinguishes our company?
Em | baur | ment; <Franconian>, colloquial term for the Kulturwandel (cultural transformation) process underway in the BAUR Group

Three things we are proud of:
Our company culture, our sense of collegial togetherness, our development

Fun Fact about us:
Dr. Friedrich Baur is seen as the "inventor" of installment payments and free returns in the retail sector.

Good to know:

In which areas are we particularly looking for new colleagues?
We are looking for new colleagues for a broad spectrum of roles in the BAUR Group.

What should colleagues consider when applying for a job with us:
We would be happy to see you in the office 20% of worktime per quarter.

What is particularly important to us for new colleagues?
We look forward to you enriching our team with fresh ideas and your unique personality.