Kay Schiebur

Member of the Executive Board, Services Otto Group

Kay Schiebur, born 1968 in Hamburg, has held the post of Otto Group Executive Board Member, Services since 1 April 2018 with responsibility for steering the Group’s national and international logistics activities.

The qualified freight manager launched his career at the international logistics service provider Schenker, holding various posts in the retail and logistics sector over the following years. He later qualified as freight logistics manager at the Hamburg Academy of Transport.

From 2002 onwards Schiebur played a major role in shaping and further developing logistics at the international convenience wholesaler Lekkerland. In 2008 he joined the Executive Board as Member for Purchasing and Logistics; As Chief Supply Chain Officer from 2013 onwards he was accountable for merchandise supply and logistics. Schiebur is a Member of the Excecutive Board of the German Federal Logistics Association (BVL) and a Member of the GS-1 Supervisory Board.

Kay Schiebur is married and a father of two children.