Binding rules for employees and business partners

Compliance concerns everyone at the Otto Group. What’s more, we also expect our suppliers to act responsibly and fairly and to adhere to our guidelines and rules as well as to recognize national and international standards.

Our business is led by a responsible management team.

The guidelines for ethical conduct in our supply chain are provided by the Code of Conduct (CoC) of the initiative amfori BSCI. It defines social standards and rules regarding environmental protection as well as workplace health and safety. The CoC is part of the “Supplier Declaration on Sustainability,” which contains all of Otto Group’s sustainability requirements that suppliers are expected to meet. The Supplier Declaration forms the basis for our business relationships in the field of consumer goods. In addition to the CoC for consumer goods, and in line with the purchasing structure of the Otto Group, the Group adopted another code of conduct for services and non-commercial goods (e.g., covering cleaning services at its own locations). At the beginning of a business relationship with the Otto Group, suppliers and business partners commit to uphold equivalent standards in their own companies and agree to ensure compliance by their subcontractors, too.

Code of Conduct




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