Getting to the bottom of it: our whistleblower system

We stand together against compliance violations, and the whistleblower system is one of our central tools for reporting suspected incidents in the Otto Group. It helps us to prevent and detect violations both inside and outside the Group.


As a responsible and reliable company, we strive to follow the rules at all times – both externally and internally. If we disregard legal provisions or internal company rules, we do not only jeopardize our good reputation but risk financial damage as well. Therefore, all persons connected to the Otto Group – whether employees, business partners, suppliers or customers – are responsible and have a duty to report possible compliance violations. Only with everyone’s assistance, we can detect compliance incidents early on and take corrective actions.

There is the option of making a confidential report to the ombudsman of the Otto Group, Dr. Rainer Buchert, Attorney-at-Law. As an attorney, he is legally obliged to maintain confidentiality and may not forward any information to third parties without the reporting person’s permission.

Dr. Rainer Buchert, Attorney-at-Law
Tel: +49 69 71033330 or 06105-921355

Our digital whistleblower portal is also available here.

Our digital whistleblower portal is a protected and secure reporting channel for all employees and external stakeholders. The platform can be used anonymously and thus guarantees maximum protection for whistleblowers and sensitive data. Any information submitted there will be examined in multiple stages and by qualified experts – which prevents hasty conclusions or rush to condemnation.

We are depending on everyone’s help to steer the Otto Group towards a confident and secure future.



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