Values and tools: compliance in everyday business

Compliance is an active responsibility for us in all of our business processes. Our Compliance Management System provides the necessary tools to comply with legal provisions and internal company rules.


Obeying laws and rules is actually a matter of course. And yet, compliance is more than just knowing certain legal provisions and regulations. Proper conduct is always determined by a sense of responsibility for what one does or chooses not to do. This sense of responsibility is essential to our identity at the Otto Group and closely connected with our values of fairness, respect and sustainability. Our self-perception also serves as a basis for the trust which customers place in our company, in our brands and services. And it is this trust that we aim to preserve and gain anew every day.

Our goal is therefore to act with integrity and to ensure compliance in all of our business processes. It is our responsibility to give coworkers and managers of our Group the tools they need to accomplish this. All of us must make a joint effort to ensure that we play by the rules and avoid risks that could harm our company, our coworkers and our business partners.

Prevent, detect, respond

As part of our Compliance Management System, we have therefore created clear structures, established binding policies and formulated general rules of conduct. Through on-site training sessions and online materials, we make sure that our coworkers and managers know the most important content, requirements and rules of conduct.

To ensure that our compliance measures are working properly on a day-to-day level, we carefully review them at regular intervals. Based on information that we receive about possible compliance violations, we adapt and optimize our processes and rules.

Compliance Organisation

In order to learn about cases of suspected violations and to investigate them, we have set up a whistleblower system. Through this system, information or indications about possible compliance violations can be reported – anonymously, if desired. We will carefully examine the information we receive. Violations of the compliance rules will be dealt with as appropriate in each individual case.

Whistleblower System



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