Our corporate culture

What characterises collaboration in the Otto Group? A game of table soccer in the office – great! Sweating on a stepper, or dancing during the lunch break: also good! All of this belongs to the modern world of work – but it’s just one part of our culture.

Companies ‘live’ through their values, which determine corporate culture and influence how we work together. These values have to be defined, integrated in everyday business – and most of all, actively accepted and practised by the employees.

Every individual company within the Otto Group has its individual culture and its own spirit. What connects us all is responsibility for our actions.

Every single colleague in the Otto Group is required to take their share of responsibility in living these values based on fairness, transparency, open and partnership-based treatment of each other, as well as the considerate handling of natural resources.

Right from the start, employees enjoy a lot of trust and freedom with us. Otto Group companies promote an independent self-initiative based way of working, creativity and innovations, courageous action and solution-orientated thinking. In return, Group companies offer exactly the kind of support that employees need from them: transparency, development opportunities and constructive mutual feedback.

Employees want to participate and take on responsibility; we’re giving them this opportunity. Our company culture encourages agile working under our own responsibility, in flat hierarchies. Everybody knows what projects are currently under way, why projects are prioritised the way they are, and what our objectives are.

– Dr Björn Schäfers, Executive Director shopping24