A fixed item on the agenda: development

A constant thirst for new knowledge? We make it possible! The Otto Group supports the professional and personal development of employees through its Group-wide Talent Management.

The Otto Group Academy offers Group-wide development programmes. It supports the personal and professional development of employees at any point in their career and across all Group companies, ensures networking between companies and consolidates the exchange through Group-wide events.

The aim of the Academy is to fill leadership positions in the Otto Group and the Group companies with internal talents. It therefore prepares high-potential employees in a targeted way for these tasks and supports them in their development. It runs around 50 seminars, workshops and events for some 1,100 participants every year. Core topics of these events are the digital transformation, the individualisation of trainings and agility in business.

The participants act as multipliers within their companies. The constant exchange makes it possible to combine the strongest elements of the Group’s structures with the culture of a genuine start-up. In this way the Otto Group Academy provides plenty of space for sharing and absorbing cross-Group cultural strengths and values.

‘Boost your Career’ –
the management programme for women

For us, promoting women’s careers is a key part of our Diversity Management. To support this we have developed a range of different offers in the Otto Group Academy. The ‘Boost your Career’ programme is designed to promote the coming generation of committed female managers, regardless of whether they have already gained initial leadership experience.

The content of the programme is taught in different modules, which cover topics such as sustainable self-effectiveness, genuine and successful leadership, professional advancement skills and personal impact.

Alongside personal development, the goal of the programme is also the further development of female high-potentials’ leadership competence through ongoing mentoring and the targeted spotlighting of career paths within the Otto Group.

The ‘Boost your Network’ event complements the programme: it focuses on supporting the networking mindset within the Otto Group as well as the ongoing exchange between female top managers.

The Otto Group now has two female Executive Board Members, a development that will be increasingly reflected at the top level of the individual Group companies in the years to come. We aim to further promote existing talents within the Group through the Otto Group Academy, and at the same time to intensify our focus on female high performers in our recruitment for company-leadership positions.

Mentoring – by women for women

Mentoring is a proven instrument in supporting and developing high-potential individuals. Young leaders are offered an experienced manager to accompany, motivate, advise and actively support them on leadership issues as they make their way forward. The aim of mentoring is to promote knowledge-transfer between experienced and less experienced employees, while supporting the networking mindset and self-reflection of all parties concerned. 

The Otto Group’s Diversity Management supports mentoring on all levels.

Women mentoring women has proven its value over recent years especially as a tool for promoting women’s development, because women are above all motivated by other women’s example in building a successful career. Besides this, these mentoring frameworks make it possible to work together on topics related to balancing the demands of work and family, which require particular sensitivity and experience.

Through mentoring, mentees are also offered an opportunity to raise the visibility of their own professional topics and projects. They learn how to better gauge their own competencies, are able to develop ideas to define their personal career path forward, and receive insights into the structures of other Group companies. Questions regarding a better work-life balance are also examined within these mentoring relationships. 

Mentoring also provides female mentors with additional insights into the Otto Group landscape, along with fresh ideas and stimuli from top young managers. It also gives them the opportunity to reflect on their own work, to develop their social and communication competencies and build contacts with other mentors, too.