Stanislav Kilishek, Bon Prix

Stanislav Kilishek, bonprix

Stanislav Kilishek is Head of Online Shop Management & User Experience at bonprix

My career in the Otto Group.

It is my passion. While I was still at school I worked as a freelancer for various Internet agencies, and after graduating, I applied to Otto as a dual student. Even back then I was impressed by the potential and the diversity in the Otto Group. Alongside my degree in Business Information Technology, I had opportunities to get to know many different company areas. I was one of the founders of Culture-e, which is a trainee company within the single company OTTO, and worked for various departments and companies within the Group – from Otto Venture Capital, through Hermes, to a posting abroad with Eddie Bauer in Seattle. With my diploma in the bag I was then offered a chance to go to Otto Japan as Project Manager in the E-Commerce Area and help with setting up mobile commerce there. This meant I got to know almost all aspects of the mail-order business. On returning to Germany I landed at bonprix, where I looked after international e-commerce activities – for example our entry into the Austrian and Russian markets. It was an exciting time, as we not only needed to get customers to the online shop, but especially needed to improve the existing conversion rate. This gave me the chance to set up On-Site Marketing at bonprix, which was my big break. Now I’m Head of Department with responsibility for Shop Management & User Experience.

How would you describe your job? 

My job is about making our webshop meet the needs of our customers. That may not sound very exciting, but it is. It should be straightforward and fun to buy fashion from bonprix. After all, we want to inspire women! Making sure this happens is my task. In my opinion it’s a great challenge to find the best way to market our fashions in the online shop and on every end-user device, from tablets to smartphones and desktop PCs.

What do you like most about your job?

For me, usability testing provides some of the most interesting moments. Being able to see how our customers experience the webshop, what works, what they’d like to be different, and how usage behaviour differs in various target groups – that’s exciting! Here we really get to know our customers, and this has a direct impact on our work, for instance when we change the online shop navigation because our customers want us to. This combination of empathy and technology is what makes my job so incredibly interesting.

And why did you choose bonprix in particular?

I like the hands-on attitude at bonprix. Despite enormous growth, self-responsible work with short coordination channels has remained part of the company culture. There are lots of committed, pragmatic people who want to get things moving together and progress the company. That makes it all fun. Right from the word go I was responsible for demanding and interesting projects. My initiative was supported and I was able to develop all the time. This is what makes the company stand out.
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