Interview Albert Klein baur

Albert Klein

Albert Klein works as Executive Director Finance, Planning & Controlling, Human Resources and Executive Board Spokesman at Baur.

My career path in the OTTO Group

I’ve been in the OTTO Group for over 30 years now. My career in the OTTO Group began in 1984 at Schwab in Hanau, after my training in Wholesale Commerce and my degree course. My supervisor at the time came from the Central Controlling Department. His comprehensive knowledge of Schwab fascinated me so much that I became a Central Controller in my next post – with WITT in Weiden in 1988. The Head of Finance there, and personal adviser to Dr Witt, was an old hand at WITT Weiden. A great guy! I learned a great deal from him, such as the significance of stocks of goods and receivables for a retail company. This made a deep impression on me for my future career. I then moved to Otto Austria where, as Executive Director, I was responsible for the commercial areas and Order Processing.

I’ve been an Executive Director at BAUR since 2001. I’m responsible for the Finance, Planning & Controlling and Human Resources Areas – and am also Spokesman for the Executive Board. 

I’ve been in the OTTO Group for over 30 years now. In addition to my own role, our company owner, Prof Dr Michael Otto, has been a constant source of inspiration to me through his personality, his actions, his principles and his social commitment. Even in difficult times, this has always motivated me to work for our Group with great pleasure, commitment and renewed drive.

The most important thing is the fun I get from my job. Alongside performance and perseverance, it’s the people in the Group and a corporate culture where you simply feel at ease. All of these are important factors in a career in the Otto Group. Planning your career is good, of course. But it’s even better to find your way with enjoyment and a little patience – particularly by pursuing new paths and finding the courage to take entrepreneurial risks. This will open many doors to you in the Group!