Kristina Engel

Kristina Engel – OTTO Scholar at FH Wedel, Hamburg 


My path to OTTO

At the start of my second semester at Wedel Technical College (FH), some companies gave scholarship presentations. At the time, I liked OTTO the most, so I applied there and was accepted after a one-day Assessment Centre.

My working experience in the company

The working environment at OTTO motivates me every day all over again! Interns can work very independently here. From the start, we’re encouraged to take on quite responsible tasks and are accepted and warmly welcomed as full team members. Even in my first placement phase at OTTO, I created a pop-up store concept with my department. That project was a lot of fun, a real highlight for me.

What’s different about working at OTTO?

I really like the working environment, which supports and values employees. At OTTO, there is a strong networking ethos among the staff. We are all in constant contact, even across departmental boundaries, and that makes for lots of interesting experiences. In case any issues or questions crop up we have dedicated support, both at college and at OTTO. We can take part in seminars and events, meet up after work and get together at team-building events – this has also generated some good friendships. At this year’s summer party, for example, we had a treasure hunt in Hamburg’s harbour district.