Working at Group headquarters

Diversity requires a good overview. The Otto Group headquarters in Hamburg develops overarching strategies to manage the group of companies and keep the overall company well on track.


Consulting, Controlling, Cooperation.

The so called Group Function Areas of the Otto Group are located at Otto Groups headquater as well as OTTO itself. They manage group-wide topics. This is the ideal job environment for strategists, analysts, lateral thinkers and creatives!

These specialist Areas analyse markets, define operational frameworks and develop strategies for the future of the Group and its companies.

Employees in the Group Functions drive innovation, enable networking, create synergies and define the catalogue of common value in the Group. They advise the Otto Group Executive Board and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, as well as the Group companies, on all questions concerning responsible business.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) motto is “Driven by data, inspired by our customers”. This Division is the Group-wide innovator and Best Practice multiplier for the intelligent use of data. Strategists, product managers, developers and data scientists work here on data-driven solutions for the existing Group companies and new business models. They make the Group’s large data sets available in central data pools, and with the aid of modern machine learning processes develop innovative predictive analysis solutions on the basis of these data.
An exciting database, international conference visits, ongoing training in the form of coaching, training courses and sessions with well-known stars of the Big Data community, as well as internal hackathons and external competitions all promote creativity among our BI employees. At the Otto Group headquarters they work in an inspiring start-up atmosphere on ground-breaking solutions for the data-driven business of tomorrow.

Corporate Audit and Security

Orderly business processes, effective control systems and effective risk management are vital for successful company management. The Corporate Audit & Corporate Security Division supports and advises the Group Executive Board and Group company Executive Directors on these issues. The Otto Group’s corporate functions Information Security, Data Protection, Security and Investigation, and Audit are active for the company worldwide. They analyse risks and make these transparent, derive risk-mitigation measures, design training and awareness-raising measures, define (minimum) requirements, and ensure compliance with laws and internal directives. Particular focal points in this effort are reputational risks, the security of processes, data and IT systems, handling customer data, supplier reliability, combatting cyber and business crime, as well as the protection of people and assets.

Corporate Responsibility

Environmental protection, social responsibility, Corporate Citizenship – for the Otto Group, dealing responsibly with people and nature is a core element of our corporate culture, with the objective of sustainable business activity that preserves the planet for future generations. 

The Corporate Responsibility Division develops the strategy for sustainable company management that harmonises business interests with environmental and social imperatives. It develops specific measures to protect the environment and defines the requirements regarding working conditions in the supply chain. Using specific controlling and reporting systems, this Division ensures that CR targets are implemented across the Group. It also represents the Otto Group in social and political dialogue processes.

E-Commerce Competence Center

The Otto Group E-Commerce Competence Centre deals with all issues relevant to E-Commerce within the Group, including digital transformation, Retail 4.0, new e-commerce business models and technologies. IT developers, operational UX, mobile and online marketing and Web analytics experts are driving the company’s digital transformation. Strategists analyse market trends and competition developments in the e-commerce sector, and develop targeted strategies from these. The Division identifies and evaluates innovative e-commerce technologies and functionalities; through the introduction of mobile applications, it also ensures the implementation of the ‘Mobile First’ strategy, which is systematically focused on smartphones. In addition, it develops SEO and SEA tools for online marketing, and ensures the continuous improvement of the user experience (UX) in the Group’s online shops. Finally, it is responsible for the Group-wide e-commerce reporting and derives operational measures from this.

Group Finance and Controlling

At the centre of activities in the areas of Finance and Controlling are transparent liquidity management, active reporting and controlling the Group’s business processes and investments.

Group Financial Reporting is at the center of the financial ecosystem of the Otto Group. We have a stake in all major finance processes in a globalized organization and aim at providing a meaningful and efficient internal and external reporting to enable sound decision making. Our distinctive competencies are characterized by economic know-how, In depth knowledge of financial reporting standards, an analytical mindset and an proactive way of doing things. Our team is powerful, builds new networks every day and breeds innovative ideas for the whole Otto Group.

Shareholding Controlling reviews the business activities of the Group companies worldwide. The Division prepares major strategic decisions for the company portfolio of the Otto Group, kicks off M&A processes and takes on strategic controlling for the Group.

Corporate HR

Digitalisation, internationalisation, demographic change – these are just a few of the factors triggering fundamental changes in society. Here, the cross-company HR Division of the Otto Group is positioned with a variety of initiatives and programmes including Diversity and Talent Management, for example.

The Corporate HR Division analyses social developments and trends, evaluates and develops new tools for personnel management and derives action recommendations for the Group and its companies from these. 

It functions as a competence centre for a number of topics, from remuneration management to company pensions schemes and social security topics. Corporate HR experts also advise Group companies on the organisation of placements abroad for selected employees, current labour-law developments, and legal questions regarding collective bargaining and co-determination. Through Group-wide development programmes it also ensures the commitment, development and networking of management staff and experts. 

Modern, high-performance IT systems as well as innovative HR controlling tools enable efficient and meaningful analyses from which the need for action regarding current HR topics can be derived. For example, extensive age-structure forecasts provide starting points for the Group-wide management of demographic change.

The Otto Group deals daily with many legal questions, as much on a local and national level as in its international business activities. To do so, it employs experts in all areas of law. 

The Corporate Legal, Real Estate and M&A Division negotiates with business partners, sets up contracts and represents the company towards public authorities. It pursues the overarching interests from a Group perspective and supports transactions such as company purchases and sales, spin-offs and cooperation agreements. 

Alongside general matters in contract law, in particular questions of corporate law, labour law, real estate law, antitrust law and patent and trademark law are daily tasks. Through its compliance management the Division also ensures that all Group employees adhere to laws and guidelines – both internally as well as towards external business partners.

Otto Group IT

As a competent business partner, Otto Group IT provides attractive IT services and infrastructures to the Group and its companies, enabling them to concentrate on their core business. 

This includes the management of SAP solutions, the provision of data-centre and cloud services, and IT support for communication and collaboration services. Consultants and developers work here alongside process managers and service managers on Group-wide IT solutions and numerous client projects.

The objective of Otto Group IT is to support the operating efficiency and growth of the Otto Group – both through standardisations, continuous quality improvements and innovations, and through leveraging synergies and economies of scale.

Corporate Strategy, Consulting, Knowledge Management

Internationalisation and growth strategies, as well as the development of promising new business models – the Corporate Strategy & Development Division sets the course for the future of the Group and its companies. It develops the overall Otto Group strategy and advises the Executive Board on their implementation. At the same time, it leads major strategic projects and handles portfolio management for the Otto Group. Due to the close cooperation of this division with the Group Executive Board and the Group companies, management talents are actively supported, developed and prepared for a career in the Group.

A group with 123 major companies in more than 20 countries is always in motion. The internal management consultancy advises the Group and the Group companies on important management matters including organisational development, process optimisations, change management and restructuring. Our consultants’s advantage is that they know the company and the portfolio inside out, and are very familiar with the challenges in our sector. They also draft recommendations for the Group’s digital transformation, portfolio management and international expansion. In addition, they develop and implement both strategic and operational projects for the Otto Group and its subsidiaries at home and abroad.

Knowledge Management
The Knowledge Management Area comprises the official networkers of the Group, who work with colleagues all over the world to build up an informal and non-hierarchical network of experts and ensure that expertise and innovative power are placed exactly where they are needed.
To further Group-wide collaboration, Knowledge Management is responsible for ottogroupnet, an internal platform. In addition, this Area centrally manages a number of other cross-company service functions, such as central address management, domain & brand management and the cross-selling guidelines.

Corporate Communication

‘The Power of Innovation’, ‘Profitability’ and ‘Sustainability’ are the core messages of the Otto Group. Corporate Communication has the job of communicating these to decision-makers in Germany in a targeted way and to orchestrate the activities of the Corporate Communication departments in the Group’s 123 major companies towards these core messages. The objective is to consistently raise the Otto Group’s reputation. 

Corporate Communication informs external and internal publics about the digital transformation of the Group’s business processes, Group strategy, current business developments, important personalities and events. It also represents the interests of the Otto Group in the business and socio-political environment. To do so, this Division applies the full communication toolkit – from press releases and press conferences, through background interviews with journalists, to social media platforms such as Twitter, blogs and the social internet.