Sascha Kraatz

Sascha Kraatz, IT Division Team Lead, ERP Application Development at mytoys.de


What do you do in the mytoys Group?

As Team Lead for ERP Application Development I look after the ERP Development teams in the areas of Logistics and Over-The-Counter Retail. My team and I develop processes for getting the goods to the customers, both in home shopping and our high-street stores.

What difference does ‘agile’ working make in the mytoys Group?

For us, agile work means responding to the rapidly changing requirements in e-commerce in our IT systems, in a continuous, professional and customer-orientated way. We carry out all development steps in close coordination with the various specialist departments, and continue refining them in short development cycles up to the final product. This allows us to react quickly to detail changes while keeping an eye on the big picture.

What agile methods do you use?

We steer our projects with the DSDM Atern project management method. Through clearly defined project roles we commit ourselves to a total duration for implementing the project, and prioritise the individual features which can often vary a lot in scope. This guarantees the planned implementation of the so-called ‘must-haves’. Our daily work is organised in line with the Kanban method and in our daily stand-up meetings.