Floyd Felton

Floyd Felton – Programme Manager, Business Intelligence at the Otto Group


It had always been my dream to take a time-out from my working routine, to go on a long journey and to combine this with an activity with a clear purpose.

OTTO offers a range of different sabbatical options that can be individually tailored to employees’ needs. My supervisors not only actively supported me to make this unpaid time-out possible, and redistributed my tasks across the team during this period; we also sat down together to talk about my further career path and how I could best integrate my experiences during my sabbatical to serve my future professional responsibilities.

I went on an incredible journey to Nepal, was able to get to know the country and the people, and even to teach at a local school. This was a tremendously enriching experience that I really didn’t want to miss out on! Thanks to the support that I received from the company I was able to enjoy these experiences during my sabbatical to the full, and afterwards pass on the benefits to everyone around me. The net result is that teaching a full classroom strengthened my communicative abilities and flexibility. Both these skills are a definite advantage to me in my work in the dynamic Business Intelligence environment.