Worktime models

The Otto Group is a family-run company and a healthy life-balance is especially important to us. Whether for raising children, caring for family members or to relieve personal strain, employees’ desire for flexible worktime models are increasing – and our range of options in this area is too.

Home office

Our experience shows that the more flexible companies are in the choice of where to work, the more committed its employees become. The digital world today allows working from home as well as any other place. Our employees work in their home offices, on the road and, when previously agreed, from the most remote places in the world.

From Monday to Thursday I work in Salzburg, on Friday from my home office in Upper Austria. With a smartphone, laptop and a good Internet connection I’m easily reachable at any time and can also arrange my day as flexibly as I need to, given the requirements of the very dynamic e-commerce and online marketing business environment.
– Roland Wurzinger, Head of E-Commerce & Online-Marketing, Universal Austria

Flexible worktime models

People need freedom! We enable our employees to design their worktime in a flexible way, with flexitime and flexible part-time models. Regardless of whether they have management responsibility, we will find a solution for everyone.

Hermes makes flexible working possible. With its great range of worktime models, it’s easy to combine work and family very well and genuinely develop as a person.
– Carolin Willich, Strategy Management Division Manager, Hermes Logistik Gruppe Germany
Thanks to the offer of flexible part-time working models, after my maternity leave I was able to continue working as a graphics specialist. Following my return on a part-time basis I’m now able to increase my weekly working hours progressively.
– Christa Pfaffinger, graphics specialist, Universal, Austria

Job sharing

Two or more employees sharing? This, too, is possible in the Otto Group! If the job and the processes can be split between Sharing Partners in a way that is organisationally sensible, then this model is ready to go.


Sabbaticals can create the free space needed for personal projects, focused education, travelling for a while or considering future career directions. In the Otto Group it is possible for you to take a longer time away from the job and address your specific concerns.

OTTO offers a range of different sabbatical options that can be individually tailored to employees’ needs. My supervisors not only actively supported me to make this unpaid time-out possible, and redistributed my tasks across the team during this period;
– Floyd Felton, Programme Manager Business Intelligence