E-Commerce Competence Center

Six teams, one goal: to stay among the leading global e-commerce providers in future. The Otto Group can count on concentrated expert knowledge – from SEO to mobile.

Behind every successful online retailer there’s a strong e-commerce team. And a company with more than 100 online shops globally needs a whole Competence Center! With a task force of 30 proven experts supporting the Otto Group companies, as a central point of contact the E-Commerce Competence Center is additionally responsible for the development of both overarching and specific e-commerce strategies, the assessment and conception of new business models, and testing and implementing technological innovations for the Otto Group.

The E-Commerce Competence Center includes six teams of experts with the following focus areas:


Here is where the strategic ‘big picture’ is created for the Otto Group as a globally operating online company. How is the market developing? Which new business models offer potential? How are the Otto Group companies developing and where can we fine-tune most effectively? These and other questions are daily bread for the Otto Group’s strategy experts.

User Experience

How can we achieve the perfect online shopping experience? Our User Experience team knows the answer. With the aid of operational user tests they put online shops and the other online offerings of the Otto Group through their paces. The aim is to ensure a high degree of usability in all phases of the shopping process.

Web Analytics

If e-commerce is the equivalent of a marathon with many participants, then the Analytics team are the track-side timekeepers. As the guardians of all relevant data, they know exactly how the Otto Group’s individual online shops are performing. This benefits not only the shops themselves regarding potential optimisation, but also those departments at the interface, such as Sourcing, which may be able to further improve their assortment processes.

Innovation Management

The digital transformation provides frequent new challenges to e-commerce, so it is extremely important to keep pace with the times. The E-Commerce Competence Center’s Innovation Management constantly monitors new technologies and functionalities in the marketplace, reviews these for a good fit with the Otto Group, and implements pilot projects with the Group companies.

Online Marketing

For many companies a mystical art – for us, our daily business: Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing. The team develops sector-specific SEO and SEA tools for the Otto Group companies, but also offers operational advice with regard to the optimum structures and processes in online marketing.


‘Mobile First!’ is more than just a buzzword for the Otto Group, it’s the road towards the digital future. The Mobile Lab, which was developed specifically, plans innovative apps and services for mobile devices and develops these to market-readiness. Another focus is on consulting: the Mobile Lab advises Group companies on major questions concerning m-commerce.



A future built on four pillars

A clear e-commerce strategy sets the course for business success