Business Intelligence

Central driver, enabler, catalyst and internal solution provider: Otto Group Business Intelligence has many faces. However, its mission can be summarised in a single sentence: to turn the Group into a data-driven company.

Data are the core currency in e-commerce. As the world’s second-largest global online retailer with end-consumers, the Otto Group has an enormous data-store. Making it usable for Group companies and their customers is the responsibility of a 30-person team at Otto Group Business Intelligence (BI). As a central unit, BI supports Group companies in inspiring customers with the aid of data-driven solutions, and in exploiting new turnover and earnings potentials. The areas of application are highly varied, from semantic product searches to algorithmic personal sizing recommendations. Otto Group BI works with the latest research findings from artificial intelligence and leading-edge information technologies.

Providing superior solutions through diversity, Otto Group BI is distinguished by its unique mixture of specific skillsets and brings experienced strategists, project managers, developers and data scientists from different countries to the table. They have gained their knowledge in scientific fields such as bioinformatics, statistics, linguistics and operations research, but also in management consultancy and online marketing.

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Far from taking an ‘ivory tower’ perspective, rather than spending their time in front of high-performance computers Otto Group BI team members work closely and often on-site with Group company departments in agile projects. This generates exciting new services that help improve customer satisfaction even further – as evidenced by Hermes Parcel Notification for instance.

Otto Group BI also maintains its connections with the community. Together with top developers around the planet the BI team developers are constantly at work on perfecting new Big Data technologies. They can frequently be found on GitHub, the scene’s popular open-source platform. The Otto Group is also active in the data-science community: as the initiator of a Big Data competition on Kaggle to classify articles, Otto Group BI set a record at the first attempt by getting more than 3,500 international teams to participate.