Networking: connecting people and leveraging potential

‘Knowledge transfer’ – more than just a buzzword but an integral component of an e-driven company such as the Otto Group. Event-driven formats, a global collaboration platform and exchange with start-ups deliver invaluable services.

Knowledge Management

In the ongoing transformation of a Group of companies such as the Otto Group, one resource is of incalculable value: knowledge. The Group currently employs around 50,000 smart brains, so it’s all the more important to make the immense collective know-how of our employees in over 20 countries available to the whole Group as far as possible.

Many specifically created networks form the backbone of the Otto Group. In Best Practice Clubs, expert conferences and workshops, the employees of individual Group companies can engage in a direct exchange with each other. For example, successfully tested concepts can be adapted and developed further where required. They discuss current market challenges with each other, and work on solutions together.


In a networked world, digital tools for knowledge management are indispensable. A Group-wide collaboration platform lifts the cooperation of the Otto Group employees to a new level and enables decentralised project collaboration, among other things. What’s more, in this way teams and whole departments can structure their own information and bring the principle of a transparent organisation to life.

Knowledge Transfer

In addition, the Otto Group is augmenting its connections with the global start-up scene through its investment company and its company-builder Project A. This is extremely valuable for identifying new developments early on. In addition, Group management gets to build contacts with key emerging business personalities, which is an important factor in building competencies and transforming the Group. In particular, this is done through organised knowledge transfer in which experience is shared in forums, meetups, pilot projects and on other platforms.