Shaping the digital future together: At the Otto Group, we are focusing intensively on addressing both the opportunities and the limitations of the digital revolution. And we know that when it comes to digitisation as a whole in the future, it’s all about one thing: us as people.


The world is undergoing enormous upheaval. Data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence are already having a major impact on our lives and will continue to do so. Fact is: the digital revolution is happening now and it is only by working together that we can shape it successfully.

Digitisation - all personal

In "Hello Human", our current Annual Report 2018/19, our employees and external experts share their opinions and expectations of the role courage, diversity, and responsibility will play in the digital future.

What could be more natural than to start by showing people? On a 14-page portrait section opening the report and accompanied by statements and interesting quotes on the opportunities and challenges of digitisation.



Let's be courageous!


The digital future worries a lot of people. But are those worries justified? According to publicist and digital expert Prof Dr Miriam Meckel and Executive Board Member Petra Scharner-Wolff, the answer is No. They discuss courage in the digital age, the opportunities provided by technological development, and why fear of the future is often a German problem.

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The values of the future


How to handle digitisation responsibly? After all, it’s no less than a digital transformation that, at its best, will be of great use to people and open up a new chapter in this field. Maja Göpel, expert on climate policy, digital visionary Christoph Bornschein and Alexander Birken, CEO of the Otto Group, consider what this could look like and what is necessary to make it a reality.

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Change through diversity


A guest article for the Otto Group Annual Report 2018/19 by Frans Johansson, founder and CEO of the New York-based The Medici Group, which partners with organisations to activate diversity to innovate, move faster, and transform their culture.

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Hello Human – The Otto Group Annual Report 2018/19

Der Otto Group Geschäftsbericht 2018719

Diskutiert mit uns

Let’s discuss: 

In #HelloHuman, the Annual Report 2018/19 of the Otto Group, we discuss the question of how we can shape the digital future together.

What opportunities does digitisation offer us? What are the challenges ahead? What distinguishes people from machines and what does this mean for a responsible approach to our future?

We are looking forward to your opinions!

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