Virtual Worlds –
beneficial for the
buying experience?

The potential of virtual reality in eCommerce is currently increasing, as more and more businesses use immersive technologies to their advantage – particularly the furniture industry has been experiencing an upward trend. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are no longer mere gimmicks. Instead, they are crucial technologies that will shape the future of shopping, making the customer experience more personal, easier and much more convenient. An overview.


VR Facts

Virtual Reality
  • immersing into a truly virtual world, interaction using input devices
  • entrance to the virtual world happens with the means of the so-called “VR glasses”
  • the quality of immersion depends on the respective VR device
  • stimulation of several senses, namely hearing, feeling, seeing
  • different ways VR can be used: gaming, entertainment, journalism etc.

AR Facts

Augmented Reality
  • physical world is enhanced by some type of virtual element, interaction through real-world encounters
  • in order to enrich perception, devices like smartphones, tablets or Head-Up displays are needed
  • can be used in various segments: gaming, education, medical industry, retail
  • most prominent example of AR: the mobile game ‘Pokémon Go’

Is Augmented Reality a game changer, an interesting trend or just much ado about nothing? 

See the statistics below for more (source: Statista).

According to a 2017 expert survey by Statista, 44 percent of the respondents consider AR a relevant trend, 21 percent of the interviewees regard it as a game changer and 18 percent think it is too early to predict the future of immersive tech. 

Augmented Reality in logistics: Hermes App uses smartphone camera to determine parcel size


The new parcel category calculator enables customers to use their smartphone camera to virtually determine the right parcel size. This eliminates the often tedious use of a tape measure and makes the creation of parcel labels even easier. Find out more.


Augmented Reality meets room planning: OTTO launches innovative shopping technologies

A virtual room mock-up thanks to augmented reality, high-resolution 360 degree panoramic images and a 3D room planner. At the imm cologne, the world's largest interiors show, OTTO presents digital tools that make online furniture shopping more inspiring and comfortable. 

OTTO Home Styler


What about the customer?

According to a survey conducted among 1000 respondents in Germany, 43 percent have never tried VR glasses, but would if given the opportunity. VR glasses are especially used for sports, gaming and relaxing.




Crate and Barrel offers 3D Room Designer

Crate and Barrel, our American subsidiary, helps custormers to visualise their redecoration plans by offering a virtual 3D Room Designer.  

Try the tool >>

Crate und Barrel - 3D-Raum-Designer



3D kitchen planning with Küche und Co.

Küche & Co has been offering its customers 3D kitchen planning for some time.

Find out more about Küche & Co's 3D kitchen planner >>

Küche und Co.



Hermes - Trading on the holodeck

Thanks to virtual reality, stationary trade creates unique shopping experiences for its customers. Current concepts show how diverse the integration of the digital world into the purchasing process is.

Find out more >>

Holodeck Fraunhofer IIS

(Image: Kurt Fuchs/ Fraunhofer IIS)