Logistics: Like Christmas in spring

IOne of the consequences resulting from the corona pandemic is that home delivery providers are witnessing a striking surge in shipments. Employees are working virtually non-stop to ensure that customer deliveries run smoothly. However, while parcel deliveries are running at full speed – due in part no doubt to the fact that many people are having to work from home and to the ongoing lockdown in many areas of life – many retailers are having to stipulate longer delivery times for customer orders, often of more than seven days .


How does that fit together?

In the warehouses of Otto Group companies, the health and safety of staff is a top priority. The respective hygiene and health measures undertaken have led to changed processes in everyday work and to a contraction in the number of orders can usually be handled.

For instance, staff have organised themselves in smaller, defined teams. At the changeover of shifts, there is sometimes a short break in operations to allow the individual teams to comply with required social distancing. Among other things, this break is also used to thoroughly clean workplaces. And the time required for this is prolonging the workflow. On top of this, compliance with the social distancing in companies has led to job restructuring. At logistics centres, only one person now works at a workstation designed for two. This means that the large number of parcels must be handled by fewer staff. This, too, costs time and is a reason why deliveries are being delayed.

Our local colleagues and the couriers are working hard to cope with the increased parcel volume in the current crisis. Various measures are currently being implemented in order to absorb the increase in parcel volumes and to accelerate operating processes. A second Saturday shift is being introduced, for example, and shift work increased from two to three shifts. In order to ensure that two-man workplaces are the safe and secure even when they are regularly manned, the use of Plexiglas screens is currently being explored.