With our cultural change
into the digital world

The dynamics created by digitisation require us to change old patterns in the way we think and act. We call this transformation process Kulturwandel 4.0, which the Group Management Board and the employees of the Otto Group initiated together in 2016.

Alexander Birken

Alexander Birken

Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO Otto Group since January 2017

„To meet ever-changing customer needs, businesses today need to be more agile than 10 years ago. With Kulturwandel 4.0 we want to secure the existence and the lasting relevance of the Otto Group.“


The digital transformation is neither a visionary management trend nor the implementation of a new computer technology. It is a process in which we all find ourselves and that determines our daily actions. It shapes our teamwork and changes our corporate culture. Each of us has the opportunity to actively shape this change.

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New sense of unity:
How an offer changes our world.

In January 2016, the Otto Group Executive Board offered all employees to be on first-name basis. The goal was to reduce hierarchical barriers and create a new sense of unity. This did not only come as a surprise to some employees, it also did feel strange at first. Other employees considered the offer to be long overdue.

Now, two years later, the first-name basis is and will remain optional. In any case, working together is characterised by more openness and trust.


New understanding of leadership: You are the culture!

Companies today must be much more agile than 10 years ago when they want to implement new business ideas quickly. The organisation needs to become more flexible and faster in order to succeed in a complex and interconnected world. For employees, this means first and foremost: more freedom.


In future, decisions will be made close to the market and on the basis of our employees' expertise not their respective position in the company. Self-organised, proactive teams will shape our corporate culture. More courage, creativity and individual responsibility are required as well as leaders who meet as equals with their employees, who motivate their teams, control less, and guide them in a complex and unpredictable environment.

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New ways of working

How will we work together in future? Which requirements do we need for this? How flexible should time and place be? What do we mean by good leadership? Kulturwandel 4.0 casts new light on these questions that we have answers for.

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Neue Arbeitswelten

New opportunities: Diversity affects us all!

New opportunities: Diversity affects us all!

Social change also requires sophisticated answers and a holistic approach at personnel level.

The demographic change, the digital transformation, the increasing migration movements - all of this is changing our society rapidly, which is why many companies are dealing even more intensively with the subject of diversity. In fact, it has become part of our daily life. This means that companies have to respond to different customer needs more quickly, offer a wider range of products, and respond to customer requests with more personalised services if they want to remain competitive. These requirements can only be met with maximum flexibility and a diverse workforce.

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Petra Scharner Wolf

Petra Scharner-Wolff, Member of the Executive Board, Chief Financial Officer, Controlling, Human Resources

"The point is that colleagues, Departments, and Group companies open up in all their individuality and learn from each other culturally.“


"Can we transport or even revive values ​​that we have put into action since the 1980s into a digital future? Yes, we can. We go our own way by pursuing a value-oriented change ."


Dr Michael Otto, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Otto Group


Also new: To preserve the tried and tested!

Respect and fairness towards colleagues, responsibility towards the people in supplier factories around the world, environmental and nature protection - in short, a sustainable business activity remains indispensable for us even in a technology-driven competition. Because in the end, the old wisdom applies: the economy must serve the people, not the other way around.

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Sandra Widmaier

Sandra Widmaier, Director Human Resources Otto Group

"To understand and innovatively apply the complexity of digital change, we need the individual perspectives, background experiences, and skills of all our employees, regardless of nationality, age, gender, and disabilities."