The 3SI Group sells its retail activities

25.03.2016 | Villeneuve d'Ascq

As part of its new strategic course to focus on growing service activities, the 3SI Group has decided to sell all of its retail activities in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

This means that operational management for Witt International and Helline will be handed over to their German parent companies, Witt Weiden and Heine respectively, and with whom the 3SI Group has designed joint ventures to develop these concepts in France.

Partners capable of creating the best possible conditions to ensure the longevity of each particular company will now be found for Unigro (Belgium), 3Pagen (Germany and Austria), Cemod (Czech Republic) and Cogemag-Excédence (France). Similarly, progress continues to be made with the ongoing sale processes for Becquet (France) and Venca (Spain).

The current situation for 3Suisses in France and Belgium is such that a sale ensuring a future for the business and the brand is not viable. It is therefore planned to create a new structure in France to fulfil the brand’s vision. This new structure will be led by around forty employees (147 employees at the present time) and will enjoy greater flexibility and responsiveness for the benefit of the brand’s customers as well as current and future partnerships, which will be strengthened, particularly with Venca.

3Suisses Belgium will be attached to this new structure with no effect on its operations or its location in Belgium.

It is this new structure (comprising companies from France and Belgium) that will be put on the market.

All of these projects will be considered as part of an information and consultation process with employee representative bodies of the companies concerned.



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