Senior Data Scientist | Otto Group (f/m/x)

in Hamburg Zentrale

Alle Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter in jeder der 123 Einzelgesellschaften der Otto Group tragen täglich mit innovativen Ideen dazu bei, uns unserem gemeinsamen Ziel näher zu bringen: in allen Bereichen Best in Class zu werden.

You like to push state-of-the-art technologies to their limits and thus shape the future of the Otto Group? Welcome to the Otto Group!

The data scientists and engineers of the Otto Group have access to a huge treasure trove of data from billions of clickstream events and backend data from over 100 Otto Group online shops. Based on this, our product teams develop various data and machine learning solutions: With our help, customers are shown relevant products, their product searches are answered with best results, a chatbot answers questions, e.g., about delivery information, and thanks to text analysis, customers quickly find the most important aspects in product reviews. Together with our data engineers and data scientists, develop the best AI-based services for the future of the Otto Group!

The Tech Stack:

  • Google Cloud Platform: BigQuery | GKE | Dataflow | AI Platform | Stackdriver | Data Studio
  • Python (especially the Scientific Stack) | SQL | Kubernetes | Docker | Argo | Gitlab CI/CD | Terraform

Was Dich erwartet:

  • You will develop and be responsible for state-of-the-art machine learning models
  • Together with your colleagues, you will design and develop new, highly performant machine learning services
  • You will be responsible for data reviews, data analysis, and software engineering for our machine learning services
  • Together with our data engineers and data architects, you will work in a team to develop and continuously improve our solutions

Do you have any open questions? - We are happy to connect you with Christian Rammig from the department. Would you like to experience your future team and your workspace? - As part of your application process, you will have the opportunity to do so later.

Was Du mitbringen solltest:


  • Wide and deep experience with machine learning
  • Excellent Python knowledge and experience with machine learning framworks (Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, PyUnit/Nose, scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, …)
  • Good English speaking and writing skills


  • CI/CD and ML Ops are not only buzzwords to you
  • You are ready to contribute your knowledge to different products of image, text/speech or classic regression/classification
  • Good German speaking and writing skills

Was wir dir bieten:

  • Join us at (international) conferences such as Code Talks, GOTO Berlin, JAX, DEVOXX, internal events, hackathons, tech talks and meetups such as develop<HER>
  • An appreciative working environment, expert know-how and numerous opportunities for your professional and personal development
  • Flexible working hours, working time recordings as well as the possibilities for mobile working and flexitime - you design your working day
  • Meet your colleagues in our social spaces, focus yourself in our libraries or work outside in the sun - Wi-Fi throughout the campus and New Work make it possible
  • Become part of our culture and discover new things every day, because we offer even more!

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Otto (GmbH & Co KG)
Michelle Knutson
Werner-Otto-Straße 1-7
22179 Hamburg
Tel.: 040/6461 5419



Otto Group

Michelle Knutson
OP-SE-RC-R, Otto (GmbH & Co KG)
Werner-Otto-Straße 1-7
22179 Hamburg
Tel.: 040/6461 5419