Otto Group acquires brand rights and domains from

22.11.2012 | Hamburg

The Otto Group has acquired the rights in the GmbH insolvency proceedings to the brand and its own brands in Germany. The trademark rights thus acquired include the use of the German brands, logos and Internet domains.

In open auction the Otto Group has acquired the rights to the brand and this company’s own brands in Germany. The trademark rights thus acquired comprise the use of the brands, logos and most of the Internet domains in Germany, such as or Final approval of this acquisition remains with the German Monopolies Commission.

“Neckermann is a brand with a strong tradition”, emphasizes Alexander Birken, Otto Group Executive Board Member for Multichannel Retail, “which we intend to use for the benefit of the companies within the Otto Group. We are working on corresponding business concepts.” Additionally, with this the Otto Group also acquires usage rights to address-data in Germany, under the provisions of German data-protection law. Otto Group companies will therefore be able to approach former customers with attractive offers.


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