Otto Group goes for market leadership in Brazil's e-commerce

10.05.2012 | Hamburg

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The Otto Group has founded a joint company with the Brazilian mail order company Posthaus to drive forward the e-commerce business in the South American country. The Group subsidiaries Bonprix and Arqueonautas are spearheading the campaign. At the same time, the Web-enabling provider NexTec is starting up in Brazil to support retailers in their entry to the Brazilian e-commerce marketplace. The Otto Group is now active in Brazil with all three of its business segments, Multichannel Retail, Services and Financial Services.

Following the successful expansion into Russia, the Otto Group is now driving forward its entry into the BRIC country Brazil. Together with mail order company Posthaus, the Otto Group has founded DBR as a joint venture, in which the Hamburg company enjoys a slight majority shareholding. “Brazil is an important milestone for the Otto Group in its international expansion and for further growth of the Group”, says Hans-Otto Schrader, Otto Group CEO. “As in Russia, we expect that within five years we will have achieved market leadership in fashion e-commerce and increased turnover to half a billion US$.”

DBR has taken over, a well-known Internet marketplace in Brazil, from Posthaus, where it will sell Posthaus’ own labels as well as other suppliers’ fashion brands. Posthaus is an established and strong mail order company in this market, with integrated warehousing. During 2011 the company generated turnover of around 100 million euros. “Through close cooperation with Posthaus we have created an excellent starting position”, says Group Executive Board member Hanjo Schneider, who is in charge of the expansion into Brazil. “Posthaus and the Otto Group are ideal partners thanks to their roots in mail-order and online retail, as well as their business models."

Based on the platform, the Otto Group will launch its brands in the coming years. Bonprix already offers a product range on the online marketplace. At the start of the Autumn/Winter season, Bonprix will target Brazilian customers with its own Web shop. In addition, the Otto Group is currently testing the Arqueonautas brand with Kevin Costner’s testimonial on

Since the Brazilian e-commerce market for fashion is at the beginning of its development, the Otto Group sees great potential for growth in the area of Web enabling, meaning support for retailers in launching their product lines online. The focus here is both on bricks-and-mortar retailers in Brazil and on international brands that plan to expand into this South American country. Otto Group company NexTec is putting together a team of experts to create online shops and offer all services along the e-commerce value chain - from shop management to cross-media marketing, distribution and customer service.

As reported in June 2011, Otto Group company EOS Group took a 60 percent share in Hoepers Recuperadora de Crédito S.A., one of the top three debt recovery companies in the country. Otto Group now operates all three of its segments in Brazil: it is active in its core business as a mail order retailer, as well as a highly competent service provider in the areas of Web enabling and financial services, essential for successful retail companies.


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Based on the platform, the Otto Group will launch its brands in the coming years.
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