School project in Zambia: planning phase complete, children from 1,200 households to have access to education

17.12.2012 | Hamburg

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The Otto Group and the Aid by Trade Foundation launched a project in 2011 to support school infrastructure in Zambia. Now, locations for nine planned schools are settled and the expansion of the largest school is almost complete. Construction of additional schools has begun. OTTO supports this action before Christmas with an appeal for donations to the construction of a well.

After intensive research on the requirements of the existing infrastructure as well as the student-teacher distribution in the project area, the most favourable sites for the proposed schools were identified with the participation of villagers and the Zambian Ministry of Education. In various provinces of East, South and Central Zambia, six new schools will be built or renovated and three more schools will be expanded. This project gives children from a total of 1,200 households in Zambia access to school education. The expansion project of the largest school in the district of Mumbwa – with more than 1,000 students – will be completed by the end of this year. Construction work on the other schools has already begun.

The Otto Group is supporting this school project with a total of 150,000 euros over three years. Together with the cotton company Dunavant Zambia and DEG (German Society for Investment and Development), better access to education will be provided for girls and boys in the provinces of Zambia, where smallholder farmers grow cotton for the Cotton made in Africa initiative.

Various Otto Group companies are partners in the Cotton made in Africa initiative and in addition to giving financial support, initiate their own projects. Thus, just in time for Christmas the single company OTTO is using the donation platform to call for donations to the construction of a well for the Matipa Community School District in Lundazi. This school is attended by 188 students from the first to the sixth grade. To date, the entire community where the school is located has had to fetch water from a distant river. In addition to providing clean and fresh potable water, a well would also help the girls in particular to have more time for learning because in southern Africa, it is traditionally their task to fetch water for the whole family. On the initiative of the school project, 17 wells were already drilled in Zambia in October and November of 2012 and further drilling is in progress.

In order to improve the living conditions of African smallholder farmers, the Cotton made in Africa initiative focuses on promoting sustainable cotton farming as well as social projects in Africa. These undertakings will be jointly financed and carried out by the Otto Group and other companies through local African partners as well as public authority partners.

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Schulprojekt Sambia - Schülergruppe vor neuem Gebäude
Schulprojekt Sambia - Schülergruppe vor neuem Gebäude
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Schulprojekt Sambia - Brunnen Chipata Community School
Schulprojekt Sambia - Brunnen Chipata Community School
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