CR Strategy 2020

The Otto Group’s CR Strategy 2020 embeds the principles of sustainable business practices even more deeply in the Group and its business processes. To achieve this, the Otto Group has set specific, measurable goals for the topic areas that are fundamental to its business model. The impACT sustainability management programme provides the basis for the Otto Group’s strategic actions in this area. The Group uses impACT to quantify and assess the different impacts it has on the environment and society along its entire value chain – and to derive efficient measures for managing these impacts.

The CR Strategy, which is valid until the 2020/2021 financial year, serves as an umbrella strategy, encompassing five topic-specific sub-strategies each with an overriding goal.

In the 'Climate andEnvironment' field of action, with its Climate Strategy the Otto Group intends to reduce the CO₂ emissions generated by logistics, the company's locations and employee travel. The Otto Group has implemented its Paper Strategy to increase the share of certified paper from responsible forestry used for catalogues and advertising materials. Goals: 

  • 50% cut in location-, facility-, shipment- and mobility-related CO₂ emissions by 2020 compared to the base year 2006
  • 50% of paper used for catalogues and advertising materials to be FSC®-certified by 2020

In the supply chain, through its Social Programme the Otto Group intends to ensure suppliers uphold social standards and improve local working conditions. Goal:

  • 100% integration of suppliers of own and licensed brands in the Social Programme

In the 'Assortmentand Customers' field of action, the measures of the Textile and Durable Goods Strategies tighten the focus of the Group companies' purchasing activities on environmentally friendly raw-material extraction and processing. The primary goals are using sustainable cotton for textiles and switching the furniture assortment over completely to using FSC®-certified timber from responsible forestry. Goals:

  • 100% sustainable cotton in own and licensed brands by 2020
  • 100% of furniture products offered to be FSC®-certified by 2020



impACT provides the Otto Group sustainability management with a well-grounded, fact-based foundation.
Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Transparent - every two years the Otto Group publishes its Sustainability Report covering the progress of its environmental and social goals.
CR Board

CR Board

The Otto Group's CR Board aims to integrate corporate responsibility in its core processes.
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