One practical assignment, many tangible advantages.

An internship with the Otto Group is a finishing touch to your university accomplishments. It gives you responsible tasks, is valuable for your future and – as a side – often a condition for writing your thesis with us.

One practical assignment, many tangible advantages

Aside from valuable insights into our work we offer undergraduate students 800 euros and graduate students 1,000 euros a month for an internship while at university. Of course, the networking idea is key: A team of interns organizes nightly get-togethers, expert presentations by a variety of departments, or cultural events. We also keep you up-to-date with the weekly intern newsletter.

Interested? In our job exchange you'll find the perfect student job for you.

The Otto Group adheres to the 5 rules of the Fair Company Initiative

The Otto Group adheres to the 5 rules of the Fair Company Initiative and is rewarded with the “Fair Company” seal by the German business magazine “Karriere”.

What are those 5 rules?

  • Interns will not be used to fill full-time positions.
  • University graduates who have applied for a full-time position are not sidetracked into an internship.
  • Interns aren't lured into the company with the vague prospect of a subsequent full-time employment.
  • Internships are meant to facilitate professional orientation while at university or in training.
  • Interns are properly compensated.

Please understand that we can only offer you an internship if you apply for a position after having completed a bachelor's degree and with the intention to complete a master's degree afterwards. Please mention this specifically in your cover letter.
In the event that you do not plan on continuing your education after your bachelor, or that you have already finished you master, unfortunately we cannot offer you an internship. 

In either case, we do look forward to your application for a full-time position. You'll find a great number of job offers in our job exchange – maybe one of them is just right for you.

One practical assignment, many tangible advantages

No matter whether you propose the topic of your final thesis or we do: Relevance to the Otto Group goes without saying. It therefore makes sense to do an internship in the department of your responsible team before or while writing your thesis, in order to get to know the department from head to toe.


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