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Learning, having fun, conquering the future.

These are exciting times: School is ending and you’ll soon start your professional life. It's time to lay the groundwork for your coming career. In order to build your dreams on a solid foundation, the Otto Group provides you with many opportunities: an internship while still at school, a particularly wide range of professional apprenticeships, as well as a combined vocational training and degree programme for graduates. Which path you choose depends on your interests, but you can be confident about one decision: Starting your career with the Otto Group.

Student internships

Student internships

First impressions.
We can offer you a first glimpse of professional life while you are still at school.
Vocational training

Vocational training

What is the right training for you?
More than 10 professions in 5 fields – a broad choice for career training.
Cooperative degree programme

Cooperative degree programme

Work and study at the same time.
Combine theoretical know-how with practical skills.


Moving in and moving up
While you help us to deliver and we help you to develop – at the Otto Group we succeed together.

Other interesting topics


We offer a lot to our employees – including for their family life, health and fitness.

University partnership programmes

Our university partnership programmes benefit everyone involved: the Otto Group, the universities – and above all you!

Tips on how to apply

Priceless first-hand tips and advice – from your future employer.

Career tips

Why is your work at OTTO your dream job?

OTTO's E-Commerce is all about: Venture, learn and improve together - and have fun doing it!

Working for the Otto Group

One company - 1,001 career opportunities.



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