Areas of vocational training with the Otto Group.

The Otto Group offers first-class vocational training in a variety of professions. Plus a whole lot of benefits that will convince you to enrol in vocational training with us: possible foreign assignments, above average stipends including Christmas and holiday allowances, 15% employee discount, subsidized meals and Hamburg public transport system passes – and of course a significant chance, after completing the training, to be taken on as an employee by the corporate headquarters or an affiliate at home or abroad.

Just check out your favourite type of vocational training right now.

Wholesale and foreign trade merchant

This is the most common profession for which we train young people – after all, the Otto Group is the world’s largest mail order company. Do you want to be part of it, too? Please do, provided you are an eager and versatile teamworker, as well as self-motivated, dependable and a quick study.

What will you learn? Of course all the business basics – and specific foreign trade skills on top of that. You’ll get to know a variety of fields including category management (purchasing fashion & lifestyle), customer management, marketing/advertising, logistics, storage, e-commerce, human resources, finance and accounting.

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Office management assistant

If you love to organize, the job of office management assistant is for you. Do you have a knack for planning and getting stuff done? Then you are the right match for us, too.

We offer you exciting tasks in buying, sales, marketing/advertising, logistics, storage, e-commerce, human resources, finance and accounting. You will learn the basics of business and many other skills in a variety of fields.

But keep in mind: We can only accept students with a Hauptschulabschluss (equiv. 9th grade certificate of secondary education). With a Realschulabschluss (equiv. 10th grade certificate of secondary education) or higher, please apply for wholesale and foreign trade merchant.

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Sports and fitness specialist

Do you love sports, yet would also like to receive solid career training? Just combine your passion with a commercial apprenticeship.

What you can expect? You’ll be in charge of day-to-day operations in a gym as well as overseeing and consulting on workout and sports programmes. Of course, we’ll also teach you all the business and organizational basics.

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Do you have an eye for a great pictures, but are tired of seeing them fading away in the family album? Then make use of your talent and develop it with the Otto Group.

You’ll not only learn how to take good pictures, but everything else you need in this trade: Using and processing audiovisual media and laboratory techniques, combining artistic and technical skills, planning and preparing work processes as well as designing and implementing visual layouts. In the laboratory you’ll also learn how to develop, retouch, enlarge and assemble photos.

Interested? Then flash your smile and apply! Check out our training exchange here.

Digital media designer

This job draws on your right hemisphere – the creative one.

You design media concepts and contribute to the production of catalogues and other advertising material. You create posters, logos and brochures. You prepare presentations, become familiar with the advertising work-flow, as well as image editing and correcting. Aside from that you also have to use your left hemisphere – for all the business and administrative tasks.

Interested? Check out our training exchange here.

Qualified IT specialist

You love to work with computers? Then apply for training as a qualified IT specialist in the fields of systems integration or application development.

Application development focuses on the development, programming and introduction of software and its applications.

Systems integration is all about planning, configuring and administering IT systems.

Curious? Then settle down in front of your computer and check out our training exchange here.

IT administrator

You like computers and also enjoy working in a team? Are you interested in business and technology? Then we are interested in you.

We teach you all the administrative basics. You create and administer databases and work on electronic data processing projects. The practical training involves an IT perspective on buying, sales, marketing/advertising, import/transport, storage, e-commerce, HR, finance and accounting.

Curious? Check out our training exchange here.

Restaurant specialist

You love being around people and the stuff that makes their mouth water? Then this is the right job for you.

In our à la carte restaurant you’ll meet demanding guests and challenging tasks: providing top-class service to our guests, catering and organizing events – and of course drawing up the final bill.

Have a taste for the challenge? Check out our training exchange here.


There are many decent cooks, but are you a great cook? And want to turn your talent into a trade? Then come to the Otto Group.

We don’t just place you by the cooker, but also teach you how to plan and organize involved menus, how to create and present food, and how to charm your guests. Inventory management, advertising and sales promotions are also an important part of the training.

You want to apply immediately? Check out our training exchange here.

Systems mechanic

Have you always been a keen technician? Then you’ll be keen on this apprenticeship.

You’ll work on the installation and maintenance of complex systems within the building services at OTTO, contributing to its smooth operation.

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